Guides the tester

The visual layer guides the tester with suggestions and visualization of actions recorded during previous test sessions, which helps to know what to test and what has already been tested.

Records and learns

HiveMind records and learns from manual test sessions and suggest new ways or values to try. Learns using machine learning, how to regression test or explore automatically.

Auto detection of failures

The system keeps track of coverage and issues auto detecting UX problems, grammatical and spelling errors estimating the quality of the app.

Analyze user behavior

Provides a visualization of every possible user journey and coverage for new content introduced. Learn and predict new possible paths.

Coverage and Quality

Calculates relative feature coverage and evaluates the quality of the product version, so that you know when to stop testing.

Add Checks and Issues

Add checks or an issues at any time to keep resolve faults.


Save bookmarks to directly navigate to a specific point.


View and manage all reported issues and set priority status to unresolved issues.

Tracks time

Tracks the effective time spent on a session.