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Scriptless and AI-powered automated testing of web applications with reduced maintenance costs

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Reduced maintenance costs

Visual, scriptless, modelling of tests reduce cognitive load and required technical knowledge.

Smarter with AI

HiveMind is powered with AI and Machine Learning, making your testing smarter


Run manual and automated tests without scripting or programming skills.

Works on any web platform

Built with pure Java and it's completely independent of implementation. Works on all apps that have a graphical user interface.

AI-Powered Test Automation

All actions are recorded and stored in the HiveMind data structure with the AI/Machine Learning algorithms. The algorithms analyze the data and supports the user by proposing actions and test improvements.

Multi-user intelligence

HiveMind can utiliize several inputs of data. This enables everyone in the team to test and feed a common data structure, further improving the AI and Machine Learning algorithm.

Works on web applications

The technology is completely independent of implementation and works on all apps (dektop, web and mobile) that have a graphical user interface.

Manual testing


More cost-efficient in some cases not to automate

Detecting abnormalities that only human cognition can detect

Exploratory and user experience testing possible


Highly time consuming

Error prone with human mistakes affecting validity of tests results

Lack of domain knowledge of what they are testing

Cumbersome and repetitive

Complexity growing exponentially with the project being scaled


Get the benefits of scalable and efficient test automation

Significantly reduced time and cost with scriptless testing

Empower the tester with AI and Machine Learning algorithms, improving their test capabilities

Utilize the human cognition to perform exploratory and UX testing

Reduced maintenance cost with self-healing technology


Automated testing


Repetitive (cost-efficient)

Less human error


High maintenance costs of test scripts

Increased complexity of test scripts add to maintenance costs

Requires high knowledge and skills in programming (both technical and domain)

Cumbersome and repetitive

False-positive (not bug) vs. true-positive (bug) test results

HiveMind is built for


All actions performed by the testers are recorded and displayed in future tests, which helps testers to know what to test and what has been already tested.

UX Designers

Provides a visualization of every possible user journey and coverage for new content introduced. Learns and predicts new possible paths.

Product Managers

Helps to calculate and evaluate the quality of the product.

HiveMind is free for academic research

Current version: 1.4

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