2. License Administration

Trail Version

The trail version of HiveMind can

  • Record and Run tests
  • Reports issues
  • 37 plugins
  • Record 50 states per test suite.


To get a license, contact our supporting team at https://symatiq.com/contact/  or send mail to info@symatiq.com

Note : In the Licensed version, one can record unlimited states for each product.

Latest Version

Latest version is HiveMind 1.4, with following included features.

  1. Dialog for editing widget identifiers.
  2. Tools menu.
  3. Reset button replaced by Reset Coverage tool.
  4. Help tool.
  5. Improved HiveMind plugin.

To download the latest version and to check the features Click Here

Previous Versions

The previous Version is HiveMind 1.3. Added features in HiveMind 1.4.

For all the Versions and features go through our website https://symatiq.com/