8. Frequent Q&A

How to create a test suite?

  1. Open HiveMind and click Start.
  2. Give the Product a name.
  3. In the Project tab, fill the Product Version(choose the latest version) and Tester Name(optional).
  4. In the Application tab, choose the Product View(Chrome/Edge/Firefox) and Home Locator which is the URL of the website that is to be tested.
  5. In the Advanced tab, type the visual resolutions to be displayed.
  6. For full resolution, choose the system resolution.
    Headless Mode – Yes, can browse the website in HiveMind
    Headless Mode – No, can browse the website in another window.
  7. After setting up the required settings, click “Start“.

How to “Auto Run” a test?

To Run a test, click Auto which is in the toolbar.

How to “Enable” and “Disable” plugins?

A click on the required plugin makes it Enable and Disable.

When Enabled, the color of the plugin changes Yellow.

When Disabled, the color of the plugin changes Black.

How to delete a Test Suite?

In the HiveMind folder, click hive , where one can find all the test suite folders.
Right click and delete the required folder.

How to Remove a Check or Issue?

Hover the mouse pointer over a marked check, issue or node and press Delete on the keyboard.

Confirm the deletion by pressing Y-key on the keyboard.

What if unable to click Web-elements?

Activate Widget Metadata and Widget Identifier Plugins.
Click Tools which is present in the toolbar and then click Widget Identifier.

It appears with a window where a user can Save and Apply tags to Click, Check, Select, Type and Move.
When a button or click doesn’t work, one can use this tool and can save the required information regarding the tags and can apply and operate.

Note : The tags and classes can be easily identified in collaboration with Widget Metadata.

Here is a sample video on how to use Widget Identifier.